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5 Marketing Tips for Custom Tents Distributors

While the construction and versatility of our tents make a great marketing pitch, you still need more. There will be times when your schedule is booked with design for custom tents,and you don’t know how you can take time to answer the next phone call from a current client, especially one who is looking for opportunities for growth and development. Always remember that availability is your strongest marketing tool. Open a slot of time to listen, coach, and work with your distributors. It pays off. These 5 marketing tips fit well with any busy schedule. x

Network with Strategic Suppliers

First positive steps always begin with relationship and strong relationships work, so network with your suppliers and learn more about the quality of the products they offer you. Your suppliers create a growth foundation for your company. This group also will save you time and resources that would otherwise be spent creating supporting material.

Streamline Your Email Marketing

Email marketing keeps you in front of your customers. Then, when they’re looking for custom tents, they will remember that you have exactly what they need for impact and strong branding. Email marketing platforms also give you the ability to stay in touch with customers and prospects without it taking up your entire day. MailChimp and Constant Contact are two platforms that have a proven record and they are user-friendly.

Don’t Forget to Connect Face-to-Face

Social media has brought a lot to the table when it comes to marketing your product, but face-to-face contact is still an essential way to connect and make a positive impression. Plus, client prospects near the end of your sales pipeline may need an extra push to get to a closed sale. Invite them for coffee or combine your marketing time with your meals rather than taking time away from other business duties. A low-key, friendly atmosphere can make your customers feel valued and it also works for retention!

Create Product Comparison Guides

Product comparison guides are great marketing assets that produce prospects with clear visibility into your products. Even better, you probably already have the information necessary for these guides in other marketing assets, such as your product data sheets and brochures, etc. You can even create these guides easily using PowerPoint.  

Create a Referral Program

Referral programs are another way to see your marketing dollars pay off. You can actually create this strategy by rewarding existing clients for sending referrals to you. This encourages your clients to provide more word-of-mouth recommendations. For example, Airbnb offers a referral program that rewards current customers with a $25 travel credit when one of their referrals books a room through them. Incentives such as these encourage referrals and also ties the reward to continued usage of the platform. A custom tent from Discount Marketing Products is designed to stand out at all indoor and outdoor events and is built to handle all the challenges of event marketing. Each of our industrial-strength, anodized aluminum tents are heavy-duty and allow for full customization to match any brand standards. Test out the reliability and versatility of our custom tents firsthand!

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