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5 Powerful Ways to Market Your Product

Knowing the right brand colors to choose, the right displays to purchase, and the right campaign to run is also what makes your product standout over the competition.

Here are five tips that will give you the inside line on smart marketing decisions.   

1. Don’t forget to tell your story.

Today, customers want to know something about you. They want to know your story, hear about your successes, and understand where you are going in the future. Once they are aware of your brand—the quality you offer--they will be ready to purchase your product. Don’t be afraid to tell them what sets you apart from competitors. Why is your product better than the next?    Often, product marketers can fall into the trap of selling the product, and not the experience. They just don’t tell your product story.   

Tell a story, and the game changes. You engage customers in new ways—through their hearts and their brains! Honestly, most people are not just buying your product. They want a solution to their problem.   

2. Stay true to your brand.

It’s always good to try new things but stay on track with your brand guide. Update, expand, and try social media platforms, but stay true to who you are! Consider your core audience before making a dramatic change and launching a product that does not resonate with those who look to you to be an industry leader.  

3. Do something new.

While the goal is to stay on brand, don’t be afraid to step out with a new campaign, a bolder look, and a dynamic strategy. Competitors want you to “play it safe” and do the same old thing year after year. If you are not careful, you will become static. Change and growth are difficult. Marketers often remain the same because they’re afraid they’ll lose their market position and never regain it. Step out and don’t be afraid to try something new.   

4. Increase product demand.

You don’t always need to find a new audience to increase product sales. In the mid 90’s, sales for milk were tanking. Then the “Got Milk” marketing campaign was launched, and the California Dairy Association saw a dramatic increase in sales.   

At the time, Coke and Pepsi dominated the beverage market but milk suddenly gained its share. Today, “Got Milk?” remains one of the greatest all-time ad campaigns and is a cultural phenomenon.   

5. Have a new product? Try a new Brand Name.

Years ago, Coca Cola tried a brand shift as it introduced “New Coke.” Product “faithfuls” revolted. Sales for New Coke failed miserably, but Coca Cola learned a lesson. Stick with their main brand taste and look. The company did go on to develop new product lines and eventually bottled water. Success came from failure! If you have multiple products, create a completely new brand and in the process stay true to the one that originally got you where you are.   

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