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A Valuable Partner

The saying "every product must stand on its own bottom line" is no longer true. Today, having a flexible and broad portfolio increases your chances of a big win from a marketing perspective. In fact, a broader portfolio means there’s a strong chance that other products will receive attention. Being flexible adds even more!

One challenge that comes when selling from a broad portfolio is that customers often buy marketing products in different sales cycles—summer, fall, winter, and spring—and use different criteria. This is why it is critical to keep your portfolio in front of clients.

Customers believe that some products are low-consideration purchases, so they purchase rapidly. Other products demand higher consideration, and this means clients use more of a structured approach.

Avoid using common low-consideration sales tactics for high-consideration deals. There is a time to present a strong sales pitch and there’s a time for a consultative approach. The consultative approach means you are listening, especially when a repeat client makes a shift to their inventory.

The secret to success is having a sales team that knows when to do what. Most salespeople go with the pitch regardless of what the customer’s buying decision. This is a bad move.

Change Your Game Plan

When the same marketing and sales approach gets used for every product, people lose interest, or they miss what you are saying.

If you think about the best salesperson in a company, odds are that person has discovered how to sell an item and also knows how to stick with the sales method that works best. The worst performing salesperson often uses low-consideration sales tactics for high-consideration deals. Success is rare but when comes, it gets chalked up to having a matchless sales strategy.

More than likely your competition is faced with the same problems. So, if you fix this problem with your team, the competition won’t know what hit them.

To “disrupt” the market, change the sales process, the product positioning, and the customer experience—make it count. Choosing the right method speeds up the process and matches the professional level of sales involvement your customers need.

Why Choose Discount Marketing Products?

When customers know their needs are met, we become their vendor of choice. In fact, when you hear our sales team making professional and insightful suggestions, we believe you will consider us as your primary vendor.

Discount Marketing Products, Inc. is a B2B supplier of marketing display products for distributors in the United States. Our top concern is to enhance your experience as our customer. We know this keeps our distributors’ clients coming back to us.

Each day, we seek to be the most flexible, value-driven supplier of custom-printed marketing display products in the industry. We are committed to delivering the best high-quality marketing products at the most affordable wholesale prices.

Our broad portfolio of marketing display products makes us a valuable partner not only for ideation and brainstorming, but also for executing marketing plans on a budget.

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