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Cheap Costs More! Invest in Your Promotional Products.

We love return customers. In fact, over the years, a major portion of our business at Discount Marketing Products is done through distributors, who return over and over again.

   They return because their customers are satisfied and know that the products we offer are quality and last. Plus, they love our broad portfolio of quality, affordable marketing display products. This makes us a valuable partner not only for collecting ideas and brainstorming but also for executing marketing plans on a budget.  But with so many choices of banners, pop-up tents, and other products available, the process of knowing what works best can be overwhelming. This is why our team is available to help with all your choices of colors, materials, and design. So, what are the benefits of choosing quality over cheaper products?

1. Last Longer. You won’t replace quality products due to rips, tears, or broken parts. The material used along with the mechanical systems that raise and lower your new canopy or hold your banner in place are stronger and more durable. They out last strong winds and rough use. Whether you’re looking for a way to create an official meeting spot or you want to be protected in outside environments, a winning edge, high-quality, custom pop up tent brings value to your efforts.

2. High-Quality Costs Less. Often, people evaluate marketing products like tents and banners by focusing only on the price. Don’t fall into that trap! Choose a tent that offers high quality upfront and you’ll be happier longer. Durable materials work better, retain color and look sharper in the long run compared to a budget tent. High-quality tents are worth the investment. They can use your tent season after season. In many cases, the  tops are replaceable. A budget option usually lasts a season or two before the top rips, the bottom falls apart and other issues occur.

  3. Visibility. Colors can be more rich. This means your tent’s canopy is highly visible for a longer period of time. This translates into marketing opportunities, especially with your company’s name and logo custom printed on the top. Once your tent goes up or the banner is placed, you can be sure that they will be seen from a greater distance.

4. Company Representation. Today, success is measured by brand recognition and sales. The right design makes a lasting impression and says a lot about your company and the people who work there. This is why custom printed tents and displays offer much more than official company representation.

5. A Gathering Place. A well-made tent and table display should be a top-priority on your equipment list. Potential clients will notice you when they see your logo and brand colors. Then they will stop by to talk to your company reps. If your setup is outside, you have protection against the weather. One thing is for sure: once you purchase your first tent display, you’ll wonder how you did without it!

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