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ASI 49891


SAGE 50398


PPAI 582106


DC 469749


Product Specifications

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5ft 10ft 15ft 20ft 9' 12' 15' 17' 7' 9' 10' 7' 9' 11'
Concave Flag Convex Flag Blade Flag Angled Flag Teardrop Flag Flat Flag Leaf Flag R Flag Lantern Flag Magnum Flag

All feather flag sets include premium poles and ground stake bases with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. All bases include a ball-bearing, allowing banners to turn with the wind.

Ground Stake
Carbon Fiber Pole Set and Carry Bag
Premium Cross Base Hollow Cross Base Water Weight Bag
Auger Sleeve: Screws into ground Fix Mounted 90° Base Fix Mounted Fix Mounted
Car Tire Base
  • Auger sleeve screws directly into the ground.
  • Flag pole fits directly on top of hardware component.
  • Fix mounted bases screw into floors, walls, ledges, etc.