ASI 49891


SAGE 50398


PPAI 582106


DC 469749


Product Specifications

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29” 3ft: Frame size: 29”x89” Printed fabric size: 57”x89” 5ft: Frame size: 57”x89” Printed fabric size: 86”x89” 87” 89” 8ft: Frame size: 87”x89” Printed fabric size: 116”x89” 115” 89” 10ft: Frame size: 115”x89” Printed fabric size: 143”x89”
89” 108” 10ft: Frame size: 108”x89” Printed fabric size: 137”x89” 89” 81” 8ft: Frame size: 81”x89” Printed fabric size: 109”x89”
  • Complete includes expanding frame, custom-printed fabric, and carry bag
  • Lightweight aluminum tubing expands and contracts for easy assembly
  • 9oz soft knitted fabric easily connects to frame using Velcro
  • Full-color dye sublimation printing
  • Single-sided print covers front and sides

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