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How to Build a Rockstar Booth on a Budget

You can be a rockstar at your next event, and you can do it on a budget. The fact is: you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars in order to make an impact. Follow the tips below to building a great trade show booth display on small budgets and you will capture the attention of your target audience, which means you rule the marketing floor!  

  Creating a cost-effective, one-of-a-kind event marketing platform on a tight budget is possible, especially when working with a full-service trade show house. A smart design along with fabrication efficiencies, and a hard-won show floor spending experience gives you more booth for your buck. Modern materials, smart ownership options, and show floor strategies can stretch your budget and open up new levels of affordability that you never considered.  Even if you are on a tight trade show budget, you can still use a custom design. Here’s how:

1. Go with Modular Structures These are easy to use, look great and are plug and play booth components that allow you to mix and match configurations while still utilizing full graphic, branding and color customization. Modular options cost less and weigh less, packing down into fewer, lighter crates for lower shipping and handling fees. 

2. Purchase vs Rental Many highly effective exhibits utilize a smart combination of rental and purchase options. Core display structures can be purchased and then supplemented with rental components to tailor the booth to fit each specific show. It is a savvy strategy that allows flexibility in layout, size, graphics, and budget.

3. Flooring Many people want to know should you rent or purchase? If your booth needs flooring, it makes sense to purchase it. Then it is yours. There are amazing options that won’t break your budget, and a seasoned display builder knows flooring and how to make it work within your budget.

4. Hanging Sign Alternatives Large, layered hanging signs get the heart pumping, but there are rigging fees. Captivating canopies added to your base structure can add multiple height layers to your display at a fraction of the cost. The only one who knows you trimmed your hanging sign budget will be you! Also, banner stands are easily some of the most affordable trade show must-haves. Make no mistake though. They may be easy on the wallet, but they still deliver brand visibility with their eye-catching graphics and useful consumer information display.

5. Printed Collateral Materials vs AV and Digital Content The days of printing large quantities of marketing materials are gone. Today people allocate money to AV and digital content that captures a client’s attention and can be used over and over again or changed quickly.    Bottomline: Just because your budget is tight, don’t settle for a cookie cutter, stale display. Talk with a knowledgeable trade show expert to design and build the perfect event marketing platform, all within your time frame, and within your budget.

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