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Make Your Mark with Brand Awareness

Brand recognition is one of two components of brand awareness. The other component is brand recall. Brand recognition is exactly what it sounds like: the ability of a consumer to recognize one brand over other brands.

In other words, it's the ability of consumers to identify your company by its attributes and design elements. Design elements include such things as shape, color, illustrations, and graphics.

There’s one thing that every business owner wants and that is a company that produces. This is why so many spend countless dollars on advertising and marketing.

Company presidents want their brands to be noticed and for the phone to ring and the email box to fill up with orders. But many fail to understand one important truth: It’s not just about the value of your promotion.

When it comes to marketing and getting your brand noticed, psychology and creativity play huge roles. Customers pay thousands for branding and many end up receiving very little results. That’s not a good thing.

As a distributor, you want your clients to hit home runs and not just on-base doubles.  So, it may be time to show them how to reach potential customers quickly and easily.

Here are 5 ways that promotional marketing tools work:

1. Marketing products significantly increase brand recognition Brand recognition means customers identify what your company offers in an instant—sometimes across a crowded convention room or at an outdoor venue. This is why our retractable banners get attention! They are effective marketing tools, and they are portable, lightweight and easy to assemble.

2. Effective, low-cost marketing Most of the time, small businesses don’t need a huge marketing campaign to achieve their goals. They just need solid branding advice and structure. Branded signage and low-cost promotional products can get a startup on its feet.

3. Don’t settle for a cheap display According to research, 76.1% of people who recognize your client’s brand colors and logo tend to remember their name and the products they offer. It makes sense to design promotional booths, tents, and banners with material that last and with a style that will draw potential clients today and in the future.

4. Builds Customer loyalty The goal of every business is to build a loyal customer base. You need people, who will not only remember and recognize your brand, but those who will come to you for all their branding needs.Take time to build a solid base of loyal customers, and they will tell others about your quality products.

5. Better than a business card Plain and simple – your business card is the way you introduce yourself and your company to potential customers. Branded products do the same thing, just with much better results.

These items should always have your logo, a slogan, and images clearly printed on them. They are a part of your branding approach and can incorporate your social media push, whether you use hashtags for Instagram or have Facebook giveaways.

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