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20 x 20 Tents

20 x 20 Tents

Our custom tents are ideal for any indoor or outdoor occasion. These canopies are made from premium materials and require no tools for easy assembly. These are ideal for festivals, retail markets, trade shows, tailgating, job fairs, demonstrations, registration booths, product promotions, sporting events, fairs, farmers’ markets, and media events, etc.

These products have been purchased by sports teams, flea market retail vendors, corporate HR departments, marketing and advertising companies, product display companies, farmers’ market vendors, trade show vendors, charities, non-profits, and promotional companies, etc.

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Product Templates

20x 20′ tent template

Pricing Table

20 x 20 Hex Frame Tent (C)

Package DetailsSKU1 2 to 5
50mm Hex Frame + Canopy + Wheel Carry Bag TCT20201$4,207$3,825
Hex Frame + Canopy + Full Rear Wall + Wheel Carry Bag TCT20202$4,567$4,152
Hex Frame + Canopy + Full Rear Wall + 2pcs Half Walls + Wheel Carry Bag TCT20203$5,470$4,973

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