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Canopy Kits – Dye Sublimation

Canopy Kits – Dye Sublimation

The various kit options provide an all-in-one alternative to sorting through the many choices and combinations of available products. We have done the hard work for you and combined our top-selling products as a complete canopy kit which can be used indoors or outdoors. These packages provide brand consistency and color matching. The canopy kits offer numerous options to satisfy any budget or application. The large printable area will proudly display any message you need your audience to see.

These are ideal for festivals, retail markets, trade shows, tailgating, job fairs, demonstrations, registration booths, product promotions, sporting events, fairs, farmers’ markets, and media events, etc.

Our kits have been purchased by sports teams, flea market retail vendors, corporate HR departments, marketing and advertising companies, product display companies, farmers’ market vendors, trade show vendors, charities, non-profits, and promotional companies, etc.

Available SKUs: KOI10000, KOI20000, KOI30000, KOI40000

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Pricing Table

Canopy Kit - Basic Package with 10x10ft Tent + Canopy + 6ft Table Cover

SKU12 to 45 to 9 10
SFK10001 - White Steel Frame$711$685$646$623
SFK10002 - Black Steel Frame$780 $753 $712 $688
KOI10000-Hex Aluminum Frame$1,041$1,010$992$947

Canopy Kit – Standard Package with 10x10ft Tent + Canopy + 1pcs 12ft Convex Flag + Base

SKU12 to 45 to 910
SFK20001 - White Steel Frame$771$745$706$683
SFK20002 - Black Steel FrameSFK20002 - Black Steel Frame$840$813 $772$748
KOI20000 - Hex Aluminum Frame$1,101$1,070$1,052$1,007

Canopy Kit – Deluxe Package with 10x10ft Tent + Canopy + 2pcs 12ft Convex Flag + Base + 6ft Table Cover

SKU12 to 45 to 910
SFK30001 - White Steel Frame$1,101$1,075$1,036$1,013
SFK30002 - Black Steel Frame$1,170$1,143$1,102 $1,078
KOI30000 - Hex Aluminum Frame$1,431$1,400 $1,382$1,337

Canopy Kit – Premium Package with 10x10ft Tent + Canopy + Full Rear Wall + 2pcs Half Walls + 2pcs 12ft Convex Flag + Base + 6ft Table Cover

SKU12 to 45 to 910
SFK40001 - White Steel Frame$1,592$1,543$1,496$1,444
SFK40002 - Black Steel Frame$1,662$1,611$1,563$1,510
KOI40000 - Hex Aluminum Frame$1,948$1,883$1,874$1,815

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