Fitted Stretch Table Topper – Rectangle

Fitted Stretch Table Topper – Rectangle

This is the ideal product to transform a tabletop into a marketing opportunity. The fabric is cut to provide a taut fit while not distorting any print. Starting as white fabric, full color dye sublimation printing allows for custom designs, backgrounds and multiple logo placements. Various blank covers are also available. Includes double-edge stitching along entire perimeter and a clear PVC carry bag with zipper.

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• Rectangle sizes: 48″x24″, 48″x30″, 72″x30″, 96″x30″
• Elastic stretch polyester fabric
• Double-edge stitching
• White cloth with full-color printing
• PMS color match, custom backgrounds and multiple logo locations
• Rubber fabric protectors
• Clear PVC carry bag

Elastic Stretch Polyester:

  • 7oz elastic stretch polyester
  • Wrinkle-resistant
  • Machine-washable
  • Flame-retardant treated & fire-rated for exhibit halls
  • Full color dye sublimation

Fitted Stretch Table Topper - Rectangle (C)

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