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Mini Flags

Mini Flags

Available as single- or double-sided print, as either a Teardrop, Blade, Flat or Rectangle shape, these mini flags may be secured to any surface using a suction cup or clip. They are lightweight and easy to set up. Ideal for trade shows, retail environments and offices. Complete unit includes full-color printed flag, poles, base and carry bag.

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Pricing Table

Mini Flags (C)

DetailsSKU1 to 56 to 910 to 2425+
Teardrop - Clip Single-sided FCF04111$63$43$32$27
Teardrop - Clip Double-sided FCF04112$72$54$38$32
Blade - Clip Single-sided FCF04121$63$43$32$27
Blade - Clip Double-sided FCF04122$72$54$38$32
Flat - Clip Single-sided FCF04131$63$43 $32$27
Flat - Clip Double-sided FCF04132$72 $54 $38$32
Teardrop/Blade/Flat - Suction Cup Single-sided FCF05111$72$50$37$36
Teardrop/Blade/Flat - Suction Cup Double-sided FCF05112$83$67$46$41
Rectangle - Suction Cup Single-sided FCF05121$61$42$30$26
Rectangle - Suction Cup Double-sided FCF05122$74$62$40$35
Blade - Suction Cup Single-sided FCF05131$72 $50$37$36
Blade - Suction Cup Double-sided FCF05132$83 $67$46$41

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