Podium Banner

Podium Banner

These high-quality podium flags are ideal for any event such as corporate engagements or conferences. Podium flags are printed using full color digital printing on premium 9oz soft knit fabric. The complete set includes a dowel, hanging string, tassels and/or fringe. Available as a straight cut, angle cut or V cut and can come with or without tassels and/or fringe. Custom sizes, cuts, shapes and hardware are also available. Various colors are available for the tassels, strings and fringes.

Available SKUs: FCF08111, FCF08112, FCF08121, FCF08122, FCF08131, FCF08132, FCF08141, FCF08142

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  • No minimums
  • Standard sizes: 22″x30″, 26″x48″, 30″x45″, 42″x60″
  • Available as a straight cut, angle cut or V cut, and with or without tassels and/or fringe
  • Custom sizes and shapes available
  • Made with highly durable 9oz soft knit polyester
  • Full color digital printing with PMS color match
  • Includes dowel, hanging string and tassels and/or fringe
  • Various color options are available for the string, tassels and fringes.
    • Tassels: gold, white, black, green and blue
    • Strings: black, gold, maroon, white, green, purple
    • Fringes: gold, black, white, blue, green, purple, red.

Podium Flags Single-sided (C)

DetailsSKU12 to 56 to 1011 to 24 25+
22"x30" Podium Banner - No FringeFCF08111$118$69$40$30$25
22"x30" Podium Banner - FringeFCF08112$121$71$42$32$26
26"x48" Podium Banner - No FringeFCF08121$143$81$55$42$37
26"x48" Podium Banner - FringeFCF08122$144$82$56$43$38
30"x54” Podium Banner - No FringeFCF08131$150$88$62$50$42
30"x54” Podium Banner - FringeFCF08132$152$89$64$51$43
42"x60” Podium Banner - No FringeFCF08141$172$116$90$76$63
42"x60” Podium Banner - FringeFCF08142$173$117$91$77$64