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Round Table Covers

Round Table Covers
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The fitted structure of this table cover creates a defined round shape, which will highlight the table. Standard and custom sizes are available. Starting as white fabric, the full color digital or dye sublimation printing allows for custom designs, backgrounds and multiple logo placements. Various screen printing options and blank covers are also available. Includes double-edge stitching along entire perimeter and a clear PVC carry bag with zipper.

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Pricing Table

Fitted Round Table Covers - Econ Fabric with Digital Print (C)

SizeSKU1 to 1011 to 2425+
24" Dia x 29" HighTCV2151$86$80$76
32" Dia x 29" HighTCV2152$103$96$91
32" Dia x 43" HighTCV2153$120$111$106
60" Dia x 29" HighTCV2154$138$128$122

Fitted Round Table Covers - Standard Fabric with Dye Sublimation Print (C)

SizeSKU1 to 1011 to 2425+
24" Dia x 29" HighTCV2251$92$86$82
32" Dia x 29" HighTCV2252$109$101$96
32" Dia x 43" HighTCV2253$127$118$112
60" Dia x 29" HighTCV2254$172$160$153

Fitted Round Table Covers Round - Stain-Resistant Fabric with Dye Sublimation (C)

SizeSKU1 to 1011 to 2425+
24" Dia x 29" HighTCV2351$105$98$93
32" Dia x 29" HighTCV2352$127$118$112
32" Dia x 43" HighTCV2353$151$140$134
60" Dia x 29" HighTCV2354$194$180$172

Fitted Round Table Covers Round - Premium Fabric with Dye Sublimation (C)

SizeSKU1 to 1011 to 2425+
24" Dia x 29" HighTCV2451$112$104$99
32" Dia x 29" HighTCV2452$136$127$121
32" Dia x 43" HighTCV2453$164$152$145
60" Dia x 29" HighTCV2454$209$194$185

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