Standard Straight Displays

Standard Straight Displays

This low-cost alternative to the premium straight display also includes a lightweight modular aluminum frame and support feet, with a double-sided print.

The frame is available with curved or square top corners.

  • Banner Size – 24”x90”
  • Banner Size – 36”x90”
  • Banner Size – 48”x90”
  • Banner Size – 60”x90”

Available SKUs: DTS11111, DTS11112, DTS11211, DTS11212, DTS11311, DTS11312, DTS11411, DTS11412

  • Lightweight aluminum tubing connects to form framework
  • Aluminum support feet
  • 6oz elastic stretch polyester
  • Double-sided, full color dye sublimation printing
  • Carry bag included
  • Easy to assemble and lightweight
  • Durable construction for improved longevity

Straight Display - Standard (C)

DetailsSKU12 to 45 to 910+
24"x89" Straight - CompleteDTS11111$253$243$238$232
24"x89" Straight - Fabric OnlyDTS11112$140$125$112$100
36"x89" Straight - CompleteDTS11211$307$298$293$282
36"x89" Straight - Fabric OnlyDTS11212$163$148$135$120
48"x89" Straight - CompleteDTS11311$340$332$320$312
48"x89" Straight - Fabric OnlyDTS11312$212$200$183$168
60"x89" Straight - CompleteDTS11411$373$365$360$353
60"x89" Straight - Fabric OnlyDTS11412$233$222$207$192