Stationary Car Flags

Stationary Car Flags

Car flags are available in various shapes and sizes with single- or double-sided options. The single-sided option has a 95% reverse bleed, and the double-sided reads correctly from both sides with a block-out liner.

These flags are designed for stationary use only. Available in three different shapes, these single- or double-sided flags are printed using full color digital printing.

Available SKUs: CWF41110, CWF41120, CWF42110, CWF42120, CWF43110, CWF43120

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  • Available in three different shapes:
    • 36” blade flag with 9.5”x26” print size
    • 33” teardrop flag with 11”x24” print size
    • 32” rectangle flag with 11”x22” print size
  • Full color digital printing
  • Single-sided made with 110g knitted polyester
  • Double-sided made with 100D polyester with block-out liner
  • Stationary use only


Stationary Window Flags (C)

DetailsSKU1 to 56 to 1011 to 2525 to 50
36" Blade - Single-sidedCWF41110$50$42$34$27
36" Blade - Double-sidedCWF41120$55 $47 $38$32
33" Teardrop - Single-sidedCWF42110$50$42$34$27
33" Teardrop - Double-sidedCWF42120$55 $47 $38$31
32" Rectangle - Single-sidedCWF43110$50$44$34$28
32" Rectangle - Double-sidedCWF43120$55 $47 $38$32