Premium Straight Displays

Premium Straight Displays

This classic banner will certainly attract attention to your product or service in any environment. The modular banner display suits any application. Available in four widths – all 89” high.

The frame is available with curved or square top corners.

  • Fabric size: 24 x 89
  • Fabric size: 36 x 89
  • Fabric size: 48 x 89
  • Fabric size: 60 x 89

Available SKUs: DTS12121, DTS12122, DTS12221, DTS12222, DTS12321, DTS12322, DTS12421, DTS12422

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  • Lightweight aluminum tubing connects to form framework
  • 9 oz stretch polyester
  • Double-sided, full color dye sublimation printing
  • Carry bag included
  • Easy to assemble and lightweight
  • Durable construction for improved longevity

Straight Display - Premium (C)

DetailsSKU12 to 45 to 910+
24"x89" Straight - CompleteDTS12121$437$369$319$300
24"x89" Straight - Fabric OnlyDTS12122$222$195$168$151
36"x89" Straight - CompleteDTS12221$547$435$413$382
36"x89" Straight - Fabric OnlyDTS12222$260$251$219$198
48"x89" Straight - CompleteDTS12321$652$565$514$494
48"x89" Straight - Fabric OnlyDTS12322$312$317$269$255
60"x89" Straight - CompleteDTS12421$802$685$592$589
60"x89" Straight - Fabric OnlyDTS12422$413$385$339$300