Straight Fabric Display Wall

Straight Fabric Display Wall

These straight, double-sided displays assemble in minutes, include printed fabric, a lightweight modular frame and carry bag.

Available in three sizes:

  • 8′- 96”x89”- complete unit
  • 10′- 114”x89”- complete unit
  • 20′- 234”x89”- complete unit

Available SKUs: DMB01111, DMB01121, DMB01211, DMB01221, DMB01311, DMB01321

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• 9oz elastic stretch knitted fabric
• Full-color dye sublimation printing
• Double-sided print
• Includes carry bag
• Easy to assemble and lightweight


DetailsSKU12 to 45 to 910+
8' - 96"x89" Fabric OnlyDMB01111$470$378$348$325
8' - 96"x89" Complete UnitDMB01121$762$693$610$553
10'- 114"x89" Fabric OnlyDMB01211$537$445$387$353
10'- 114"x89" Complete UnitDMB01221$892$785$713$657
20'- 234"x89" Fabric OnlyDMB01311$827$775$713$692
20'- 234"x89" Complete UnitDMB01321$1,377$1,327$1,235$1,115