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SAGE 50398


Street Pole Banners

Street Pole Banners

These double-sided street pole banners are made using high-quality, durable, knitted polyester fabric that allows for sufficient wind flow. All size options include full color digital printing, double-edge stitching with grommets or pole pockets. Complete unit includes double-sided banner and metal hardware to attach to street pole.

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Product Templates

18x36_StreetPole_Banner • 18x45_StreetPole_Banner • 24x48_StreetPole_Banner • 24x54_StreetPole_Banner • 24x60_StreetPole_Banner24x72_StreetPole_Banner • 30x54_StreetPole_Banner_Double • 30x60_StreetPole_Banner • 30x70_StreetPole_Banner • 30x72_StreetPole_Banner • 30x90_StreetPole_Banner • 30x96_StreetPole_Banner • 30x132_StreetPole_Banner35x70_StreetPole_Banner

Pricing Table


DetailsSKU12 to 910 to 2425 to 4950+
18"x36" Banner Only BSP01100$114 $60$51$41$33
18"x36" Complete Unit BSP01101$215$136$125$118$104
24"x54" Banner Only BSP02100$121$70$57$49$47
24"x54" Complete Unit BSP02101$250$155$146$132$123
30"x60" Banner Only BSP03100$143$87$73$65$62
30"x60" Complete Unit BSP03101$301$186$176$162$149
30"x72"  Banner Only BSP04100$143$88$75$66$64
30"x72" Complete Unit BSP04101$301$189$178$154$151
30"x96" Banner Only BSP05100$157$110$92$87$83
30"x96" Complete Unit BSP05101$316$214$197$173$168

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