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Signage Works! Increase Your Bottom Line

Today, a successful, growing business depends on more than one form of exposure. As a distributor, this is where you come in. Teaching your customers how to market their brands correctly is essential, especially in such a competitive environment.

So, it’s not surprising that business owners/managers are required to put extra effort in their marketing strategies just to stand out and be noticed. How do your clients get the attention they deserve? They begin with the basics. The right signage is a perfect starting point. In fact, it’s the most efficient and cost-effective form of brand promotion and exposure. Customers are more likely to walk up to a promotional booth or step into a store simply because the signage and the look and feel of the booth gains their attention. They identify with the brand and step up to talk with a representative. Signage makes a difference! For good reason, business owners want their company’s name and brand in front of as many people as possible. Establishing the right identity is a first strong step towards success. It’s crucial to sales and future expansion. Once this is in place, owners can launch out into social media and other forms of client engagement. But everything worth doing, begins with design, color, and signage.

Why should a  business invest in custom signs and branding?

  • It’s smart business!

    Increase your brand’s exposure and you win! This is the number one reason companies invest in signage. Businesses that excel are the ones that stand out from the crowd with increased exposure. Along with exposure comes new customer acquisition and customer retention. These add up to increased sales and this equals profit and customer retention.
  • You get results:

    Be wise but don’t cut big corners! A custom banner, table cover, or custom tent makes a difference! Details in the design and fabric can be subtle but are very effective marketing tools. As a distributor, you can show your clients how to stand above the competition. This means having the right logo, the right design, and the right marketing products.
  • It’s cost-effective:

    Signage is still one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies. Today’s fabrics are built to withstand many usages. And while you may have to make an initial investment, once your signage is in place, it will advertise your company every day, if needed.
  • Adds that look of professionalism:

    Well-made signs, good looking colors and shapes hold a customer’s attention. If you find a B2B supplier of marketing display products that listens to your needs and the needs of your clients, keep that company at the top of your list of suppliers. Make sure your supplier offers the promotional industry’s best value for marketing display products.

Think about fast food restaurants: for example, think about McDonald’s. They always have big, bold signs. On average, McDonald’s spends $40,000 on signage for each store. Why? Because studies show that this same amount can generate up to $600,000 in sales! Your clients may not be on this level, but the principle is the same: get noticed and you will get the customer!

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