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Artwork Layout and Guide


Artwork setup fees are included in the cost of the product upon receipt of production ready artwork. Additional artwork setup fees will apply if specific design work is required to complete the design. If a completed vector logo is received that simple requires placement on a flooded background PMS color, no additional fees will be incurred.  If further design work is required to the logo in regards to changing the vector file, adding type set or altering colors, an artwork fee of $45 per round of  changes will be applied.

When providing digital artwork (logos and text), please provide only Vector art in Adobe Illustrator or editable Adobe Acrobat format. Vector files art is artwork with points and lines that can be changed and resized without loss of resolution and usually have an .ai
or eps. Editable .pdf files are also acceptable; however, please don’t send any “.jpg” files saved out as pdf or eps files.

We highly recommend providing Pantone C PMS references and not CMYK even though CMYK printing is available. We will guarantee a color match only when PMS color references are provided. Colro matches are NOT guaranteed based on a CMYK specification as CMYK colors can only print to the nearest 10% therefore, the resulting product cannot be rejected. All reprints will be at the customer’s expense unless a PMS color was provided and missed. We recommend PANTONE U colors for a matte finish and Coated for a satin finish. If selecting a percentage of a Pantone, we suggest choosing a lighter Pantone color for increased accuracy.

All text must be converted to paths or outlines, or specific fonts must be supplied with file.

All photos (raster art) should be provided as layered Photoshop .psd files and not as a flattened layer. All photo images should be supplied at a minimum of 200 dpi at 100% actual size- the higher the resolution the better.

When laying your artwork into a template, please ensure that all crucial text or logos remain well within the bleed line and the background color must also be extended to the this line.

For your convenience, below are the template PDFs for our entire product line. These templates may be used as a guide for designing our custom-printed products to match any brand standards.

If you have any questions about our templates, contact Discount Marketing Products.

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